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400-500 TPH Crusher Plant

  • Crusher plants, which are indispensable for stone crushing operations, are facilities that meet the needs of the building industry and make stone and rock parts suitable for use. The crusher plants are produced as stationary and mobile with various capacities and present to the service of the industry. The crusher plants are produced in models that are characterized by names of 90, 110, 125 and 140 and produce in different capacities.
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  • These facilities have the potential to process up to between 400 to 600 tons of material per hour. Firms are starting to work by purchasing and installing the necessary facilities depending on the amount of production they are aiming to realize. The quality is very important to use the facility for a long time frame.Fabo company, which is leading manufacturer company in aggregate sector, meets the needs of the industry by manufacturing all kind of crusher plants with various production capacities. 500 tph crusher plants are usually a crusher facility used by low budget firms. These facilities can process between 400 and 600 tons of material per hour.  500 tph crusher plant is the most popular crusher facility, which is often preferred by high-budget firms, which produces between 400 and 600 tons of material per hour.
  • If requested, it could do some adding equipments on these plants. Our company manufactures crushing plant with a capacity of 500 and produces the highest performance crushing plant required by the industry.
  • Even These facilities are durable to harsh weather conditions and workplace difficulties. 500 tph crusher manufactured by our company in accordance with European Union Standards. Fabo company has shown a great satisfaction to theire customers by showing them the revelance after-sales and become the most preferred company in the sector with high satisfaction rate. In our company, the prices of the crusher plant of 150 TPH are fair and offering the payment easiness to the customers. To get price about our products, do not waste your time and get in touch with us!