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60 TPH Stationary Crusher Plant

Crusher plants are known as stone crushing plants in our country and make the production of the materials necessary for the construction sector. Crusher plants are manufactured in different specifications according to the duration and by work to be done. These crushers, which are called stationary and mobile crushers, are preferred depending on the duration of work.

Stationary crusher plants are suitable for long term work and mobile crusher facilities are suitable for short term jobs. The reason is that it can be transported with a single truck in a different area and it can be setup within a short period of time. Stationary and mobile crushers are manufactured in different production capacities to produce varied capacities.

60 tph crusher plant, which has the lowest production capacity is usually preferred by small firms as the most preferred crusher plant. 60 tph Crusher Plants has an average production capacity of 60 tons to 80 tons per hour. This crusher plant which is preferred by small businesses, is available to increase the capacity on demand. Before buying a crusher plant, It is necessary to know the required production capacity. The crusher plant that produces below the desired production capacity shouldn’t be purchased. Our company, analyzes the needs of customers accurately and provides the necessary support to get them most suitable crusher plant for their work. Besides standart plant, Fabo can produces special orders for the customers desires. With our experienced team, Fabo produces the most durable, long-lasting and high performance crusher facilities for the sector, accordance with European Union Standards. In our firm, the price of 60 TPH

Crusher Plant is affordable and offering the payment easiness to the customers. All of our products are made with care and covered for 1 year warranty. Fabo provides instant service with technical team at the time of a possible need and prevents the trouble of the customers. You can reach us from +90 (533) 015 2896 for information on all types of crusher plants and prices.