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About Us

Fabo has been established at Yazıbaşı Industrial Site, in 2003. Since 2003, Crushing and Screening, Washing and Screening Plants, Concrete Batching Plants and all the needs of Construction, Mining and Road Sectors has been fulfilling. Fabo has been a pioneer in the machinery industry with quality-oriented manufacturing of expert engineers, technical and experienced staff.

Since 2003, Fabo provides services with 2.000 m2 closed area and 2.000 m2 open area, totally 4.000 m2 service area on Izmir-Aydin highway. In current production facilities;Stone Crushing Plant, Crushing and Screening Plant, Washing and Screening Plants, Concrete Batching Plants.The main objectives; increase the range and quality of products by sustainable development reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction by producing the quality products. While continuing to work towards these goals with expert staff, continuous innovation with sense of quality are progressing by working of ISO 9002:2010 quality management system and EN ISO 3834 manufacturing qualification certificate.

VISION Being leader in production of Stone Crushing Plants, Washing and Screening Plants, Concrete Batching Plants in sector.

MISSION Producing in an environment where employees are happy who are respectful to the environment and society without compromising on quality. By this way, keeping the highest level of customer satisfaction.


  • To maximize the level of satisfaction of customer with the highest efficiency works.
  • To be demanded company in the sector.
  • To fufill expectations and needs of customers on time and desired manner.
  • To reach excellence in all process.
  • To comply with requirements of established quality management system in products, services and structure.
  • To be pioneer by sustainable R & D.
  • To renovate quality objectives, policy and quality management system by reviewing them consistently.
  • To produce goods and services quickly and properly.
  • To be reliable company.
  • To get innovation and improvment in all points by adopting to be not contented with current situation as a principle.
  • To be successful in all works based on objectives by pursuing a decisive policy and commitment to results with teamwork.