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Stationary Crushing & Screening Plant

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Stationary Crushing & Screening Plant


Crushing and Screening Plants

Crushing and screening plants are facilities that crushes different sizes of pieces obtained to small sizes with the help of crushers. With stone crusher plants even the hardest rocks and stones could be crushed easily and operates trouble-free. The stones used extensively in these plants are usually limestone, granite and basalt.

These stones are passed through crusher plants and brought to desired dimensions. The materials obtained in the required dimensions are passed through sieving and washing process and it becomes ready to use. The crushing stage is the most important stage for achieving the desired quality of material. In order to be successful for the crushing process, suitable crushers should be used. In consequence of each stone has a different fracture possibility, our company has produced crushers for any type of stone and present to the service of the industry. With the help of these crushers, even the most difficult stones can be crushed and the desired materials can be obtained.

Stone Crushing and Screening Plant

Our company innovates stone crushing and screening facilities, allowing all operations to be carried out under a single plant. In our company’s production facilities all operations can be done in the same facility therefore no need different equipments for crushing, screening, washing and storage operations.

The fact that these operations can be carried out under a single facility has made a significant contribution to the cost of production for companies. Our company manufactures Crushing and Screening Plants in different specifications and capacities with high quality materials and expert staff. Stone Crushing and Screening Plants are manufactured as fixed and mobile.

Crushing and Screening Plants can be adjusted individually for each product. Also that plants provide products conveniently for production of aggregate (such as 07,15,22,32 mm), Ballast material for railway (30-60 mm), works of stabilized road. Just one crushing and screening plant does all of these things comfortably. Fabo provides Crushing and Screening Plants with design and projects in accordance with the conditions of land which proper to fulfill production of aggregates, sand, gravel, chipping, ballast, concrete aggregate, stabilized material.

Below parameters of our clients are taken into consideration starting from quotation stage and design, manufacturing and installation stages are followed accordingly:

– Type of the material to be crushed: Type of the crushers, especially secondary crushers are defined according to this important input… For instance, in case of having a hard stone such as granite, cone crusher is preferred as a secondary crusher…

– Required Production Capacity: Sizes of the equipment in the crushing line is defined according to required production capacity.

– Input size of the material to be crushed: Definition of the primary crusher is based on also this parameter.

– Sizes and percentages of final output materials: To know these two important parameters helps us to define the screens and also to understand if a third stage of crushing is necessary. In case of requiring a high ratio of sand production, tertiary or VSI crusher is added to the design.

Based on above parameters, we design the most suitable plants for our clients and help them to make the most suitable investment at the beginning according to their boundary conditions. We know very well that operation cost of the plants is based on the decision which is taken at the beginning.

Our company manufactures stationary and mobile crushing screening plants at different production capacities and offers them to the service of the industry. Our company is acting according to European Union Standards in all its productions. With this feature, it contributes not only to Turkey economy but also to many countries by exporting its products. The most important feature of the crushing and screening plants which are the productions of our company, is long life.

We focus on supplying our customers excellence in crushing services and products with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction, confidence, and enthusiasm.  We hope to build reliability, trust, and friendships through honesty and integrity to ensure healthy long-term alliances.

You can visit our company or contact us by phone to get affordable price with economic payment terms.