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Fixed Concrete Batching Plants are ideal for businesses with a specified working area. These products are used to meet the needs of companies that need ready mixed concrete, are often used in large projects that will last for many years. Stationary Concrete Plants which have different types according to the operating requirements have an average capacity of 30 to 180 m3 concrete production per hour. We also see the outstanding achievement of our company in concrete plant services after stone crushing and screening facilities. Concrete Batching Plants which has produced in Fabo, provides higher efficiency than normal Concrete Plants. However, if you want to get even more performance, Twin-Shaft mixer can be added by our company on your projects. Also different mixer types can be added to Stationary Concrete Batching Plants that our company produces, ready mixed concrete products with different and wide usage area can be obtained. Our products, which are designed in accordance with European standards, are produced from raw materials that are friendly to the environment and human health. Our company, which is one of the leading names of the sector, provides uninterrupted service besides its customers in after-sales assembly, de-assembly, transportation, repair, maintenance, cleaning and spare parts services.