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ME 1645 Mobile Screen

The ME 1645 has an easy mounting and dismounting capability and which can be pulled with only one truck if necessary. It can be setup in a shorter time than static screening plants. Mostly ideal for businesses of small and medium-budget companies who do not have a high performance expectation.

Designed and manufactured from durable materials in European Union standards, our products can be manufactured in different specifications according to company’s desires. You can call us for further information on our unique machines that you can use with high efficiency.


Advantages of ME 1645 Screening Plant:

Production with single staff
Easy shipment advantage, setup in 45 minutes
Quick installation with hydraulic feet
In addition to being operated by generator (optional)

ME 1645 is a combination of:

  • Grizzly Feeder Bunker
  • High Stroke Type Vibrating Screen
  • Folding Type Feeding and Stock Conveyors
  • Hydraulic feet
  • Mobile Chassis with axles and tires
  • Fully Automation System
  • Electric Generator(optional)

*Most important advantage of plant is having all equipment on only a single chassis. It can be done by only one truck head.