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The Defination of Mobile Crusher Plant

The mobile crusher is the system which crushes and work up into different sizes (sand, gravel, crushed stone etc.) of materials such as large rocks extracted from stone and mine quarries. As we mentioned in our previous articles, these facilities consist of two parts, stationary and mobile crusher. Although fixed crusher plants have not been used actively in recent times, portable crusher plants having many advantages to prefered instead of stationary plants. Mobile crushers can be installed in desired places and cost rate is lower and these advantages preferred reason to choose mobile crushers. Mobile crushers can be manufactured in different types depending on variety of products to extracted.

Advantages of Mobile Crusher Plant

  • With its multifunctional primary impact crusher you can crush different product sizes with high capacity.
  • Whole plant is built on one frame, it has the advantage of the fastest production line.
  • Transportation, installation and de-installation can be done in a short time.
  • The PRO Series has a complete hydraulic unit.
  • Hydraulic unit is a very useful feature for installing, dismantling and maintaining the equipment in the system.
  • Closed Circuit Mobile Crushing Screening Plants can be used by single operator, feeding can be done by a truck, loader or excavator.
  • The whole system is collected on one platform and can be transported with 1 truck head. It is designed to be taken into operation within a period of short time.

The Price of Mobile Crusher

Crusher Plant prices are not actually subject to stable pricing, but vary depending on the optional features of the installations and the characteristics of the product to be extracted. Starting from the average of 75.000, the prices are up to 450.000 USD.

Mobile Crusher for Sale and Rent

In fact, many of our customers are contacting us for a rental mobile crusher, but we prefer them to buy a brand new mobile crusher. Because a plant was used by dozens of companies before being leased to you, and the volume of productive work has narrowed. For this reason, you should much more effort to get the product you want and you should work more, which increases the cost considerably. Therefore, purchasing a mobile crusher may be a more advantageous choice for you and for your investements.

Why Fabo Mobile Crusher Plants?

Since 2003, Fabo has been a leader in the field of both Crushing & Screening and Concrete Plant and has been enjoying customer pleasure with the machines it produces and serving to many countries of the world including Turkey today. We focus on customer satisfaction and ensure that you produce more efficiently in your worksite besides that we offer both quality and affordable price to you by maximizing the quality on crushing systems and minimizing your expenses.

Facilities and Crushers we have installed in Algeria, Africa, Iraq, Ghana, Oman, Egypt, Ukraine and many other countries are among our most important references. For our mobile crushers and other facilities we have established, you could get information from our company.